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Bonus Room Decorating Idea: Forget the ‘Man Cave’. It’s time for the ‘Lady Cave’.

October 22, 2012 / by jenniferadmin / in Bonita Springs, Decor, High-rise, Lifestyle, Single-Family Homes, Staging, Uncategorized / 0 Comments

We’ve all heard the term “Man Cave” before. Most of us know the phrase to represent that male sanctuary where men are free to do and decorate as they please, be alone for “man-time” or hang out with friends. Move over men, it’s the woman’s turn! Over the years, I’ve seen a trend amongst retired […]

What you need to do before you list your home for sale.

September 18, 2012 / by integrityadmin / in Bonita Springs, Selling a Home, Staging, The Colony Golf and Bay Club / 0 Comments

Deciding to list your home for sale, whether it is at The Colony Golf & Bay Club or elsewhere, is a momentous time. Whatever reason you have for selling your home, it’s a big decision. It’s important to find an experienced agent to list your home with, but it’s also important to take some steps […]